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Helping Families Help Their Children

We offer a wide range of products from full speech therapy services provided in person or via Skype, to a therapy plan being developed and carried out at home by parents with a speech -language pathologist just a phone call or email away. Or you may choose the middle of the road  approach, where your child receives services once a week and you work at home to practice what was learned that week. We work with private schools, home schooling families, missionary families and military families or families abroad who do not have access to quality therapy services. 

Services Offered 

*A Free Screening is available to determine if an evaluation is necessary. 

* An Evaluations of Speech (the sounds being produced) or Language (Words Expressed, Auditory Comprehension (or understanding what is said), Reading, and /or Pragmatics (or the Practical use of Language such as inferences, understanding body language, turn taking etc.) 

* Therapy Plans to address the areas found that are not developmentally on target, can be done through a speech therapist or by parents under the guidance of an SLP.

Options Offered

An evaluation is completed at the parent's request and then a therapy plan is developed. If the parents desires for their child to have more traditional speech therapy, a time is set up for services to begin. This can be done in person (in the Shenandoah Valley, VA) or over the internet. Therapy will be scheduled  one, two or three times a week, depending on the severity of the difficulty, If you  wish to purchase a therapy plan and do the therapy at home, the material will be assembled and mailed. A monthly meeting time to go over progress or concerns is set up and parents are encouraged to call with questions during a weekly set time. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION  CONTACT US AT (540) 435-8522 OR SEND AN EMAIL TO [email protected]